Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cigana E-Cigarette

Here are some of the benefits of Cigana.

* Cigana looks and feels like a real cigarette. It simulates the same physical act of holding or smoking a cigarette.

* Cigana does not emit second hand smoke, nor does it produce any ashes or foul odors. Smokers and those around won't have to smell like ashtrays any more.

* Cigana does not fall into any smoking ban laws. As such, it is okay to smoke Ciganas at the office, home, car, restaurant, airport, bars etc.

* Cigana is cost-effective. While regular cigarettes can cost around $10 a pack, the equivalent amount of Cigana costs just $4.20. This can save a-pack-a-day smoker a couple thousand dollars a year!

* Cigana offers a convenient starter kit, complete with two batteries, a USB charger for convenient re-charging at any computer, a wall adapter, and 5 cartridges. Also available are separate chargers for sale.

* Cigana offers the following flavor cartridges: Apple, Cherry, Almond, Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla, Light Tobacco, Regular Tobacco and Menthol. If you can't decide and want to try them all, we offer an assorted flavor pack.

* Cigana flavors also come in 5 different nicotine density levels to suit the smoker's preference: Extra High (24 mg), High (16 mg), Medium (11 mg), Low (6 mg) and none (0 mg).


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