Monday, July 13, 2009

Life is viewed in Different Ways - The Essay on Life Long Learning

Life is viewed in different ways by different persons. If you had experienced all bad things in your life you could say that its a pathetic thing to live life.

If a Businessman succeed on his business beyond his expectations, he would say that he is blessed and lived his life in a good way. If a Businessman lost his job, abandoned by his wife, and cursed by his kids and family, he would think that he have been living his life like hell and he'd been doing things in his life that God would not be happy. Normally they had view their life based on how the fortune gets into them.

An artist would view life as a creation or an art in every way. Do you believe that "the life of an artist is always sad and dramatic"? As an artist, I view life like the paintings that I make.

I easily get hurt and like the paints that I uses, my emotions fade when I experience tearing in my eyes. My heart is so fragile that like art, it is beautiful when it is colorful and arrange, but it is ugly and unpredictable when it is distorted.

I have an emotional friend or they often known as "EMO kid". This friend of mine had many suicide attempts. If his hurt, he would probably lock his-self into his room with a sharp blade that he uses to cut his arm bleeding. One day I asked him, "why would you cut your self when your hurt?" He looked at me with his dark fading eyes as if his gonna say something so serious, while we our both sitting on a bush in the park where no one would bother us and said, "that is the only way I felt like I do Exist in this world sometimes".

That was the time that I've realized, for some of us who live life happy, we didn't thought of how lucky we are that we are still alive in everyday that God reated and how sad that we just took life for granted... (how dramatic)

--- scythe-saiken

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