Sunday, July 12, 2009

St. John Nepomucene Parish Church - 113 years old church in Tangalan, Aklan

This 113 years old church can be found at Tangalan, Aklan, Philippines. The people of this municipality built this church during the Spanish regime. Men, women and children were forced to carry limestones from Afga, Tangalan (one of the barangays of Tangalan) to Poblacion in order for the church is built.

People were forced to carry those bricks on their head. The natives of this municipality struggled and suffered to build this church without any compensation. They suffered for almost 28 years.

They were consoled with the thought that they build this church as their offering to God and the worthiest heritage they can live for prosperity.

For now, the parochial priests and his subordinates are maintaining this church. Maintained those designs that the old folks of Tangalanon did as a memory for the people and to replenish the past how our old folks suffered during the Spanish period. With the help of the people inside the municipality, this church have been considered as one of the tourist spot at Tangalan, Aklan.

This St. John Nepomucene Church is considered as one of the oldest church in the province of Aklan and the design of limestones are as much alike with the Miag-ao Church in Iloilo.

This church was named in the honor of the patron saint of Tangalanon people, St. John Nepomucene.

Also the municipality of Tangalan celebrates its festival named Bugna Festival every 2nd week of May.

Written By Maricel Tosco -

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