Monday, March 23, 2009

A Lost Soul

a lost soul…..

lost in the dark of nowhere…..

all my life, truth and reality was deprived from me…..

i was kept in a four cornered world believing that all situations i see and hear are being delivered the way they were…..

i am not who i am…..

you may think you know me,
but beware…..
i am not who you think i am!

i can be someone you never imagined me to be me…..

i am a lost soul…..

a lost soul in the dark who cries coz of the terrible burdens i carry…..
i cry for the things i want to do but i just cant,
for the things i'm doing that i don't want to do,
i cry for the promises that are not yet fulfilled…..

a lost soul in the dark who is upset…..
upset at the people who make my days living hell,
upset at the people who dont care of my feelings, and sufferings…..

a lost soul in the dark who is angry…..
angry at myelf - for not doing what i want to do,
for not following my own will…..
angry at the people who dictates me what to do,
people who don't care for my feelings…..

a lost soul in the dark who smiles…..
i smile for a Friend who is always there for me,
for lifting me up when i'm down…..

you may think you really know me…..
but you still cant see the true me…..
the true me does not exist…..
what you see is just a pretention…..
a mask that covers the real me…..

its maybe hard for you to understand…..
and so it is for me…..

all i know is that im a lost soul searching for people who will treat me and accept me as me….
searching for the people who will respect me and my decisions….
searching for the people ho will take this mask off my face…..

a poor soul searching for the people who will free me from the burdens i carry….
a poor soul searching for someone who will lead me out through the dark alleys of life….
a poor soul waiting to explore reality….
a poor soul searching for truth and reality….

a poor soul looking for the thing called " LOVE "

- VIP4718


talk said...

Hi. This blog is nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week award (week 154). You may visit the site and vote.

Anonymous said...

sir, ganda po ng mga posts nyo. im a fan.. :)