Thursday, March 19, 2009


as usual i’m all alone in my small world..

still asking myself if i’m ready to face reality..

some, i know, know what i mean..

some have their "hush, hush" on what i am talking right now..

some don’t care..

to face reality means to unmask my own self..

to shout to the whole world that i’m this and i’m not that..

to free myself from ”you-know-what-i-mean"..


my heart bleeds..

i pretend to be someone to please everyone when i am not pleased in what i am doing..

i wanna be free..

i want to do things in my own ways..

i need your help..

set me free..


- VIP4718


E_M_Y said...

don't act like some one else just to please other people. just do be yourself!
i do know what you mean though.

Polychromes Pen said...

E_M_Y thanks for the comment.

This is one of the compositions that is being made by my friend. I only posted it here.

You are right, we should live life in my own choices and decisions not pleasing anyone.
You can read my other post here - in some way, contrary to enigma >>> I Must Exist first .

Thank you once again comment. I really appreciate it.