Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Reality of Illusion

True man exists because of his existential moment of choices and actions not only by his pure thoughts or ideas. He could not exists if he only thinks. He must think in existence inorder to exists.

My existence as a man depends on my choices. Without these choices, my existence doesn’t exist.

In the movie, without choice, Miguel couldn’t be the false persona of his father Pablo, who is great painter in Manila. By putting this to existentialists view, I will use the philosophy of Heidegger. Miguel was just like thrown into the city, without knowing his identity or his real goals in life. He was on the process of making himself as a man. After knowing his ideal woman, he chose to be the illusion of his father. It was his choice to become an illusory duplication of his father. His existence is in the reality of illusion. His identity was made by the events of his choices not held by irresistible force or destiny.

The identity cannot exist without the choice of the beholder. It is a choice not a creation of destiny. The identity of a man is a choice. Choosing and living the choice identity is an existence.

There’s a lot of philosophies that I’ve got from the movie ‘ilusyon’. And because of these, it causes me to ponder more about my existence.

I saw that my existence now in some sense can be treated as illusion, because I used deception inorder for me to become the master of my life and to gain people’s ends.

I covered my face with a mask to ignore embarrassments. I am taking the journ of my life with the shield of a mask in some special cases.

Most of us are like Miguel. Honestly, I believe that the world and the people outside of me are just an illusion. Their faces are covered with a mask of deception.

We are in the reality of illusion

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